Sales & marketing materials, site maps and plans, border demarkation


Farm & Land Sales

There are many times when ground level photography does not do your farm or land justice. By getting up in the air we are often able to capture the whole property in a single shot as well as finding the best angles to make your property look it's absolute best.

  • We offer ground based services so can be your one-stop solution to creating all your marketing materials.
  • We can provide a permanent record of borders or the state of a piece of land.
  • Our turnaround is fast. We can usually deploy within 15 minutes of arriving on site.


Example - How our images are used in online & print brochures

Strutt & Parker brochure

Client - Strutt & Parker logo

Stills photography

  • We have the best cameras, lenses and drones
  • We prepare our images for print or web as standard
  • You are free to use our materials as much as you like

Work process

Commissioning aerial work for the 1st time can be a daunting prospect. Whether you're new to droneswork or an old hand, we are here to take all the stress out of the process and to make it enjoyable, rewarding and to deliver the visuals that you require.

We have worked widely with many farms, estate agents & land owners to capture their land both from the air and from on the ground.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have in person, on the phone or through email but have provided (right) a brief outline of the process...

1. Discussion
You want some images or edited video of your farm, land or property so have contacted us by email, phone or in person.
We will ask for a few brief details about the job -
- Where is the location?
- Has the landowner given their permission?
- What is it that you are looking for?
2. Site / Legal Assessment /
- Once we have a few details we will check that the operation can be conducted in a legal manner.
- Depending on the brief and location we may request a site assessment but this can usually be done before the flight.
- We will then contact you to confirm that the operation can be conducted under CAA regulations.
- We will also share any ideas we've had about how to best achieve your goal.
- Once we agree on the brief we will give you a full quote.
- We will also issue a range of dates, at this stage, when we are available to conduct the flight.
- We encourage a flexibility of dates since the quality of the end product is so weather dependent.
3. The Flight
- A week before your booked flight we will contact you to advise you of the timings of the best weather (out of the dates you indicated you were available).
- One or more of our team, (the same person who has been talking to you about the project), will arrive at the location and will conduct an on site risk assessment (if this wasn't done prior to arrival).
- We will fully brief all involved about safety considerations and our goals.
- We will then conduct the flights to capture footage.
4. Post production
We edit and enhance all of our photography and films in-house using industry standard software.
- We will supply your final product how you would like it.
- We can send it to you by digital transfer.
- We can work with our print partners to output archival prints, brochures or any other printed solutions.
- We can even upload a new front page or updated page version directly to your website.


  • We’re always open to discussion and will be happy to provide free quotes (with no obligation)
  • Every flight is different and is priced on an individual basis
  • Return work or multiple days will receive reductions
1 Hour hire
  • 1 hours time on site
  • 1 hours editing (up to a 30 sec clip) *FREE*
  • or
  • 20 edited stills
  • or
  • 15 sec clip & 10 stills
  • £0.45 / mile
  • Travel beyond 25 miles +£0.50 / mile
  • Expenses / accommodation
Half Day
  • 3 hours time on site
  • 2 hours editing (up to a 1 min clip) *FREE*
  • or
  • 40 edited stills
  • or
  • 30 sec clip & 20 stills
  • £0.45 / mile
  • Travel beyond 25 miles +£0.50 / mile
  • Expenses / accommodation
Full Day
  • 6 hours time on site
  • 4 hours editing (up to a 2 min clip) *FREE*
  • or
  • 80 edited stills
  • or
  • 1 min clip & 40 stills
  • £0.45 / mile
  • Travel beyond 25 miles +£0.50 / mile
  • Expenses / accommodation
Additional Charges
  • Spotter/ assistant is required at locations with public access + £150/ day
  • Crowd control team required for events/ festivals + £100/ day/ person
  • Additional editing + £50/hr
    Film - 1 min film = 2 hours
    Stills - 12 stills/ hour
  • Broadcasting to big screen or ground station - quoted on a job by job basis
  • Work overseas - quoted on a job by job basis